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The Angel's Share Ale


A thick, tawny head tops this deep amber brew and protests the multitude of flavors trying to escape. Nuances of vanilla, dark fruits, and oak waft upward out of the glass and tease your senses before your first sip. Simple yet profound malt flavors of caramel, toast, and sweet fruit hit your tongue, all with whiskey undertones. Rich and full, the body of this beer is underscored with vinous notes and alcohol warmth. This brew isn't cloying, but it is sweet, so the hidden hops in the finish are welcome even if they are hard to find. For a beer this easy to drink, it is surprising there is so much going on in the flavor. It is also surprising this beer has a 10% ABV, as the alcohol notes are light to moderate and only add to the intricacy of this brew.


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