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Deep Cover Brown Ale


We sure are happy to review a session beer made by an American company. Session beers are very popular in Europe for their easy-drinking taste and the drinker's ability to have two with lunch and not get fired 20 minutes later. At 4.4% ABV, this brown ale is mild and simple. Like most beers of this strength, the malt aroma is not as intricate as it could be. The brewers use five different types of barley, but overall, the malt profile and body are both somewhat thin. Nuttiness is clearly the strongest malt flavor, and the slight taste of European hops comes out in the finish. The light color and brilliantly clear appearance make this one of the better-looking beers we've seen. Because of the mild flavor and simplicity, you're at risk of drinking more than one (and maybe more than four) of this great brew.


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