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Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine


This beer may be hard to find, as its ditribution is limited to Northen California, but don't hesitate to seek it out. Beermann's has crafted its Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine since long before it was fashionable to brew this style, and each year, locals wait in anticipation for its arrival after watching it age in barrels for months. It has an assertive aroma, boasting bourbon's signature qualities of vanilla, orange, and alcohol. The flavor follows suit, with bourbon sweetness up front along with wonderfully caramelized malts. Don't sip: Take a mouthful to appreciate how it impacts the entire palate. On your second drink, you'll find mild hops in the background, doing what they can to balance the beer. Big in body, gentle in carbonation, and overall a joy to drink, this beer begs for a big dessert -- bread pudding, creme brulee, or dark chocoalte mousse.


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