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This is not technically a barleywine, but with a 12% ABV, we felt it would fit in well right here. After all, there is not a Belgian barleywine style at this point. Scaldis, sold outside the United States under the Bush label, is light gold in color with great clarity and a tan, rocky head that seems to last for several minutes. The beer's aroma is inviting with a mild apricot presence and plenty of alcohol to advise you of the beer's overall power. The apricot comes through in good strength accompanied by plum, caramel, and a gentle spice that balances the overall sweetness you'd expect in a beer of this strength. The beer's body is impressive, displaying creaminess, gentle carbonation, and an embracing alcohol warmth, making the beer easy to enjoy. This is certainly a sipping beer, perfect for cold nights by a warm flame.


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