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Thomas Hardy's Ale 2005 Edition


Originally brewed in the late 1960s, this beer, named after the famed English author, is one of the most sought-after brews by those with the patience to cellar a beer for many yeaers. In fact, it's said this ale will age well for at least 25 years if stored properly. The 2005 version pours a rich caramel gold color with a tan, frothy head. The aroma is wonderful, with caramel, plum, toffee, raisins, and brown sugar among the more notable characteristics. It's clear this beer is for sipping, with massive upfront sweetness of caramelized plums and a spicy hop quality. The body is full, rich, and creamy, with high levels of alcohol that warm the throart while tickling the lips and cheeks. At two years old, this beer is still clearly young and in need of some smoothing out of its edges. That said, this beer is still good on its own and will go great with your favorite cigar.


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