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Petrus Winterbier pours with a massive tan, frothy head that won't go away and a deep caramel color with great clarity and very small bubbles that attach themselves to the glass. The aroma on this beer reminds you of applesauce, with notes of cinnamon, apple, nutmeg, and pepper -- a beautiful scent. The complexity of the beer doesn't stop with the aroma, as the applesauce-like sweetness greets your palate quickly, balanced by the beer's spice. After a second or two, you'll notice cinnamon notes hitting your cheeks, while a subtle brown sugar flavor coats your tongue. This winter beer warms you nicely, the alcohol presence noted easily without being overpowering. This is a medium-bodied beer with gentle carbonation and a slightly dry finish, and would be great with pork loin and cranberry sauce.


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