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Eisbocks are tricky beers to make, because they go through a form of distillation. When the beer is frozen, brewers can pull off the ice, which is pure water in solid form. The result is a beer with an increased alcohol level; sweet and strong, wonderful for the cold months. The Kulmbacher Eisbock is rich amber in color, with great clarity and a monster frothy head. Your joy won't end at first look either, as you'll find big raisin and plum aromas tucked within the prominent alcohol scent. Drinking this beer is no chore either, with a healty dose of roasted, caramelized malted barley up front, balanced shortly thereafter by a peppery hop character typical of the style. It finishes with a brown sugar sweetness and is never harsh. A beer like this can accompany any meal packed with big flavors, or is good on its own or shared with friends.


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