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Albuquerque might not be a prime destination for beer lovers, but there are some hidden gems to be found in the Land of Enchantment. Wet Mountain is an unexpected beer, not only because of its taste. A thick, creamy head was the largest and longest-lasting on any IPA we tried. As you take a deep whiff of this brew, pay attention to the powerful pine and caramel aromas mixed with flowery notes. Drinking this ale will be a subdued experience, as it has just a touch less flavor than most IPAs. In fact, this beer is similar to an American pale ale in its hop profile. The caramel sweetness is a bit too syrupy, but the fresh, perfumelike hops help to balance that flavor and make this medium-bodied IPA easy to drink. Overall, this is one of the solid beers made in New Mexico worth picking up next time you see it.


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