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Poseidon's Imperial Stout


Before opening the bottle, note the "spawned on" date listed on the bottle -- subtle humor from Fish's brewers. The beer pours characteristically big, with a massive brown head that stands up well and a deep black color that doesn't want to let the light through. The aroma is equally impressive, with rich roasted coffee notes and hints of raisin and dark chocolate. The first thing you're likely to notice when you drink Poseidon is the beer's thick, chewy body with creamy-soft carbonation and mild alcohol warmth. The body seems to highlight the beer's complex flavors like cocoa, burnt sugar, and plum. There's little hop flavor; instead, the beer seems to balance the big sweetness with an assertive, mouth-coating astringency that lasts into the aftertaste. The astringency can be a bit overwhelming, but could be nicely balanced with a creamy dessert like flan.


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