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Black Flag Imperial Stout


A bottle-conditioned imperial stout with an 11% ABV and more than 100 IBUs tells you up front that no matter how good the beer is, it will only be better in a year or three. Black Flag pours opaque black in color with a massive brown head that's creamy and long-lasting. The aroma is equally massive, with abundant Amreican hops and their signature citrus notes with a generous dose of roasted coffee. The flavor is simply a beautiful mesh, complete with hop bittering, chocolate astringency, plum sweetness, and a tinge of toffee and alcohol. The beer is a bit thing for the style, but the carbonation isn't harsh and the alcohol warmth is pleasantly moderate in strength. Right now this beer is all over the place, making it fun to drink now, but it a few years and watch the rough edges smooth and the overall flavor become deeper and more complex.


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