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The brewers a Lagunitas went all in with this beer, using Colombian coffee beans and coffee brewed at a local favorite coffe house, Hard Core Coffee. With this in mind, and given this is a stout, there is no surprise when the beer pouts a deep black color with a brown, frothy head. The aroma follows suit, with a big, roasted-coffee quality and roasted barley dominating the beer's offering to the nostrils. Cappuccino Stout's flavor is intense, beginning with bold toffee sweetness and balanced by slightly astringent roasted malt and floral hops. The beer finishes sweet with an assertive (but not aggresive) roasted aftertaste felt most on the cheeks. This is a full-bodied beer, to be sure, with moderate alcohol warming and an overall quality that seems perfect for a bready dessert. Coffee cake, anyone?


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