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Dry Irish stouts are deceptively light all around, despite their robust appearances. Murphy's is one of the growing number of imports sold with a widget, which carbonates the beer when the can is cracked open, producing a creamy beer that is mesmerizing to look at as it settles into the glass. Murphy's is deep brown in color with a creamy tan head. As with other Irish stouts, the beer displays a roasted malt character, similar to freshground coffee. The beer is light overall, with a watery beginning and a roasted astringency that serves to provide a bit of bite, not relying on hops to balance the light bready sweetness. With a thin body and creamy carbonation, this beer is easy to drink, finishing slightly dry with a mild lingering roasted barley taste. Murphy's goes well with a breakfast scramble of eggs and sausage, or with a grilled cheese sandwich.


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