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Old Stock is a beer with many accolades and a big following, for good reason. With a big sherry-like aroma, including hints of vanilla and peppery spice, you're forewarned that this is a huge beer. So, it should be no surprise when you first taste highlights big brown sugar sweetness up front, with Champange-grape and honey notes along for the ride. This beer is hot with alcohol, lip tingling, and obviously young, with an assertive bitterness that belies the 36 IBUs. The mouthfeel of flavors is a bit disjointed, with sweet and bitter working against a high alcohol backdrop, so feel free to lay this beer down for a year or more to really appreciate its complexity. This is a full-bodied brew, with high alcohol heat in the throat and chest and moderate carbonation. Again, as good as it is today, it will significantly improve with time.


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