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Originating in Belgium's Senne Valley, lambics are spontaneously fermented, meaning there is no yeast added -- the brew is fermented by whatever falls into the tank. On their own, they have a sharp sourness that usually needs adjustment via aging. With Peche, Lindemans cuts through the acidity of the base beer by adding peaches in the secondary fermentation. This beer has an intensely sweet peach aroma reminiscent of caramelized peaches, plus an underlying funk, hinting at the beer's wilder side. The flavor displays peach candy sweetness up front, then moves into a subtle tartness. Peche finishes moderately dry, surprising given the beer's initial sweetness. There are no hops to speak of throughout the taste, relying on the beer's tart qualities and dry finish to balance the sweetness. Peche is medium-bodied, and has very low alcohol warmth and refreshing effervescent carbonation.


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