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For more than 50 years, this famed brewer from Germany has crafted world-class beer. The brewers employ time- and labor-intensive methods to produce this beer that is 11% ABC, but still wonderful to drink. EKU 28 pours a beautiful light amber color, with great clarity and a creany tan head. Its aroma shows off a bouquet of citrus, orange notes, mild spice, and nostril-warming alcohol, but all this pales in comparison to the taste. This doppelbock is huge, rich, and wonderfully complex, with orange, apricot, and white grape flavors and significant alcohol warmth. This is comfort in a glass, but be warned: With its drinkability, you could easily overindulge with only a couple pints. Our panel believes this beer will age well for five years, so if you're looking to add a beer to your cellar, you can't go wrong with this offering.


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