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We love fun facts when we drink out beer, so we figured we'd pass this tidbit along: Endosperm mashing, which isn't as dirty as it sounds, is a process utilized by the good brewers at Trumer to achieve a truly unique flavor profile. Essentially, endosperm mashing means mashing grains after they have been separated from their husks -- a lot of work, but if this is the result, it seems worth it. The beer is incredibly light with a strawlike color, and has stunning clarity and tight, tiny bubbles dancing along the glass. The flavors range from zesty to sweet, and are slightly grainy. The hops are beautiful, lending a very clean, crisp peppery bit that is easy to enjoy, given the malty backdrop of the beer is like a clean canvas. Trumer finishes dry, incredibly clean, and displays a mild, lingering green hop aftertaste; an absolute joy to drink on its own.


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