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From a region known for its hops and beer sales' tax records that date back to the 11th century, Zatec knows a thing or two about making good beer. Its eponymous beer is golden in color with a frothy white head and graet clarity. Aromas of bread and caramel sweetness are pronounced, accented by clean, crisp Saaz hops. The flavor is bigger than exepcted from a pilsner, with a huge, bready sweetness catching the tip of your tongue, right alongside some mellow caramel notes. Zatec's hopping is a bit lower than you'd expect, creating more mild spice, floral flavors, and bitterness. The beer finishes clean and dry, with a slightly lingering bitterness and floral and caramel aftertaste. With its medium body and effervescent carbonation, Zatec is certainly a beer worth trying.


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