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Pinkus Organic Ur-Pils


Finding a German import with a USDA Certified Organic sticker is rare, but beyond the stickers, this beer is worth a go. Pouring hazy and light gold in color, you'll quickly get the notion you're in for something decidedly different than the average pilsner. The aroma is grassy and haylike with a wheat tartness and lemony zest. This beer begins with a burst of candy sweetness and a refreshing quality similar to that of the aroma, with a tart quality in the back of the mouth. The citrusy, peppery hops lend only a minor bitterness to the beer. Pinkus' overall flavor profile seems distracted by the yeast character noted throughout the swallow. Ur-Pils finishes sweet with lingering floral hop flavors and a mild bitter aftertaste. This beer drinks more like a pale ale than a pilsner, but with its medium body and gentle carbonation, it is still easy to drink and enjoy.


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