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Using a secret blend of apples harvested from northern California’s Apple Hill at the Barsotti farm, the cider makers at Two Rivers have created masterful products, with this particular cider showing an extraordinary level of excellence. This cider appears to be delicate, its aroma providing a fine balance of autumn (represented by soft, sweet red apples) and spring (signified by tart green apples) scents in the glass. Add to this a touch of alcohol warmth in the nose, along with oaky overtones, and this cider presents a beautiful bouquet. With a flavor nearly as complex as the nose, the drink starts out with a smack of fresh apple sweetness that becomes sour toward the finish. The 7.5% ABV is deceptive as it doesn’t appear in the flavor, but comes through as a touch of warmth in the chest. Two Rivers finishes slightly dry, but the long-lasting, intricate apple flavors seem to stick around for quite a while, and that is a very good thing.


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