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This beer is clearly inspired by Belgian traditions while embracing America’s own, pouring a brilliantly clear, pale straw hue and displaying a firm, white head with tight bubbles. Sunshine Wheat looks all-American, but the aroma shows international inspirations via the brewery’s fondness for spice, with soft orange peel sweetness peeking through and accenting the gentle honey notes and faint wheaty dryness. The flavors are much more complex than expected from such a light beer, beginning with candy and sugary sweetness before moving toward a simple lemon syrup and meadlike quality that starts gently, but pulls through into the aftertaste. The rush of sweetness is balanced well by peppery hops and a touch of coriander that comes on assertively in the finish. Sunshine Wheat ends dry with a mildly tart aftertaste, where the wheat is most obvious.


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