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Oia Dubh Special Reserve 12


Harviestoun has exported its world-class old ale, Old Engine Oil, to the States for years. Recently, the brewery began aging this beer in whiskey barrels to make Old Engine Oil Reserve. Now, the brewers have pulled the Reserve and replaced it with Ola Dubh, a series of beers aged in casks from Highland Park, one of the world’s top distillers. This selection pours dark brown with a thin head that quickly dissipates. The powerful aroma is pregnant with chocolate, pepper, and alcohol and a touch of smoke. The flavor starts with an intensely sweet beginning rich with chocolate and toffee notes, then, the barrel-aging shows as vanilla, smoke, and orange flavors lace the swallow. The alcohol is fairly muscular, and lasts into the finish. Overall, the brew is full bodied and chewy with soft carbonation.


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