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Chances are you’ve been itching for a Port Brewing beer, especially if you frequent online beer forums. This brewery’s beers rack up awards and accolades, and it was crowned “Small Brewer of the Year” at last year’s GABF. Hop-15 is a massive double IPA, pouring deep gold in color with a slight haze and a big, frothy head. The aroma isn’t overwhelming, with gentle alcohol, caramel, and citrus blending together beautifully. “Is ‘malpy’ a descriptor?” asked one judge, referring to the brilliant blend of hops and malt. This is a very layered beer, starting with big caramel custard sweetness, then moving into an equally complex hop profile that is juicy, grapefruity and piney, with a hint of lemongrass popping up in the end. A big beer, it’s full-bodied and shows off enduring caramel and hop aftertaste.


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