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Hopsickle Imperial Ale


There’s no doubting the hopped-up nature of Hopsickle. It starts out right, pouring gold in color with a big, frothy head. The aroma is a hop infusion, like holding hop cones in your hand and burying your nose in them. There’s also an alcohol tinge in the nose, and a hint of bready malts. The intense flavor begins with a short-lived caramel sweetness that quickly gives way to an absolute onslaught of hops; resinous, piney, sticky, grapefruity, and floral. The hops also contribute to a significant bittering effect on the tongue, while managing to maintain a level of balance. Hopsickle is most certainly full-bodied, with gentle carbonation levels and a clear alcohol presence; not overpowering, but significant in strength. The finish is fairly dry, and the lingering hop flavors seem to stick to the tongue well into the aftertaste. As big as this beer is, it isn’t a sipping beer; to really appreciate its complexity and depth of hop character, get a mouthful and let it saturate your taste buds.


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