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Double Dog fits right in with Flying Dog’s eccentric personality, first with its huge aroma that boasts its dry-hopped past and massive alcohol. In some ways, this seems more like an American barleywine than a double IPA, even down to the bottle’s “vintage” stamp, suggesting age-ability. The opening flavor bears an intense toffee sweetness, bolstered by a significant alcohol presence and finishing with a wallop of fresh hops. Make no mistake; this is a big beer. The hops seem a bit astringent, as if someone squeezed the cones by hand, making sure every drop of oil was released. Additionally, the alcohol delivers over-the-top warming to the chest and throat, distracting from the beer’s overall goodness. Double Dog finishes fairly sweet, full-bodied and softly carbonated, its aftertaste still trumping the alcohol and resinous hop character.


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