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Part Duex: Original Double IPA


So, you’re a hophead? Short’s has your fix. This beer is almost obscene in its hoppiness, giving the impression that the brewers included every last hop they could find; sweeping hops off the brewery floor, or finding odd boxes in shadowy places. The beer starts off innocently enough; it pours deep gold in color with good clarity and a tan, frothy head. The aroma begins with caramel, alcohol, and a subtle hop character. The first taste feels like a sucker punch, an assault by massive hops that run amok over the palate, lasting well into the aftertaste. What’s more, the sweetness never gets a chance to show itself. Part Duex is medium-bodied, finishes with a lasting, astringent tealike quality, and is big in alcohol presence. The best descriptor we can conjure is “unusual,” as this beer is clearly not flawed; just powerful and unlike any other double IPA available.


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