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They say this beer’s recipe changes every year, perhaps lending to the mystery of the brewery. Hopefully, the brewers won’t stray far with future batches. To begin, the soft orange-gold hue, hazy look and frothy, white head are very appealing. The aroma shows a bit of wheatlike tartness, zesty fruit, and spices that are the signature of Belgian yeast strains. The flavor fluctuates between subtle and assertive, starting with a bready sweetness before moving into a more potent citrus fruit flavor best described as “bright.” The spices are impressive, hinting of coriander, spelt, and lemon pepper. The body is full and livened with effervescent carbonation that engages the tongue and cheeks, and is incredibly smooth given the alcohol strength. The flavor finishes clean with only an understated yeast character, and shows a long-lasting fruity aftertaste.


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