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Saison D'epeautre


The word “epeautre” indicates the use of spelt, an old strain of wheat once common in traditional European brewing. Spelt usually adds a nutty flavor to beer, although that isn’t the case here. It actually creates what seems to be a cross between saison and Germany’s Berliner weisse styles. D’epeautre is cloudy and straw yellow in color, with a lively, frothy white crown. The aroma is mildly acidic, making the beer tart, zesty, and similar to dried grass. Its flavor continues the acidic trend, with a short-lived pale malt sweetness followed by a sour note. The tart quality is more assertive than expected in a saison, but not overwhelming for the palate, and there’s a distinct lemon flavor in the beer. Where it lacks complexity, the beer makes up for it in refreshment. This is thin-bodied, has high carbonation in tight, tiny bubbles, and shows little alcohol.


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