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Sonoma Farmhouse Saison


Introduced in 2007, Lagunitas’ Sonoma Farmhouse line of beers took northern California by storm. While the brewery is known for beers brewed with attitude, this saison is remarkably subdued. The beer pours very light in color with a white, frothy head and more clarity than expected. The aroma is also quite light, with subtle bread notes and a soft floral hop fragrance. Sonoma Farmhouse’s flavor is unique for the style, with a musty quality found in the background. Up front, the sweetness is fruity and bready, balanced by gentle hop bitterness on the sides. This beer is a bit thin, mild overall, finishes slightly sweet, and shows off a persistent hop bitterness and flavor. While it isn’t as complex or deep as some traditional saisons, this still hits the mark quite well.


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