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Tripel (Westmalle)


What more can be said? This beer is Belgian tripel. Virtually all beer historians and enthusiasts agree, this is the style-defining beer of all tripels. It’s light in color, has a gorgeous rocky, white crown and is simply a pleasure to look at in a chalice. The aromas are intense, but not overwhelming, balancing the pale malts, gentle alcohol and yeasty spiciness associated with the style. Westmalle’s flavor is initially sweet, with mild fresh pear notes, lemon-zest hop qualities and a touch of spice. This beer is highly drinkable, effervescent, and seemingly thin for its ABV, all while finishing clean. The lemony hop aftertaste seems an afterthought; it’s present but quiet. The beer’s balance is simply incredible, given the complexity of the palate experiences. To taste where the bar has been set for Belgian tripels, look no further than Westmalle.


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