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Long regarded as one of the nation’s top brewers, Rob Tod’s creations often attract everyone from
the casual beer drinker to the obsessed enthusiast. There’s good reason for that, as displayed here in Tripel Reserve, which pours hazy and honey-yellow hued. Its aroma is intense, with big candy sweetness, the peppery spices you expect from a Belgian yeast strain, and a tinge of alcohol. The flavor begins and ends with a gentle zest and sugary combination, like candied lemon peel, while allowing the peppery spice to poke through and provide balance. The hops are bright and refreshing in their citrus qualities; a wonderful partner to the pale malt and sugary sweetness. Tripel Reserve is medium-full in body, has intense effervescence and gentle alcohol warmth. Finishing dry, the beer shows only prolonged sweetness complemented by a soft hop bite.


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