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Oatmeal brown ale is certainly not common in today’s craft beer scene, which explains why the aroma and texture seem abnormal. To begin, the aroma proudly displays oats, akin to putting your nose in a cereal box; it’s beautiful. Along with this, Bender smells a lot like a hot August afternoon in a field, with that dirty,  grassy combination that demands a jump in the river. (And if you’re lucky enough to find this beer, you’ll appreciate it riverside, as the canned packaging makes it ultraportable.) The flavor is impressive, with toast and soft caramel balancing well with the hops’ gentle peppery spice. The oats lend to the beer’s silky-smooth body, as is often the case, and is thin and remarkably thirst-quenching. The finish is slightly dry, and the aftertaste sticks around with toasted malt character.


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