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Hazelnut Brown Nectar


Rogue is synonymous with good beer, and this selection is no exception. Hazelnut Brown Nectar begins innocently enough, pouring deep golden-brown in color with a long-lasting, creamy head. From the aroma, it’s apparent this beer is more than what you’d normally bargain for in a nut brown ale, as its massive nut fragrance bursts out, smelling of fresh hazelnut oil. The taste picks up from there, starting with an initial toasted barley flavor and moving into an almost overwhelming nut flavor that coats the palate and lasts deep into the aftertaste. There are hops in here too, providing minor spice on the sides of the mouth, but this beer is all about the hazelnut. In fact, this is the closest thing we’ve tasted to Nutella in a beer; nutty, slightly chocolaty, even with a slight touch of coffee. This ale is medium-bodied with gentle carbonation.


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