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Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale starts off in stunning fashion. Pouring deep garnet in color and displaying brilliant clarity, it’s a beer you’ll want to hold up to the light. The aroma is subdued overall, showing only malted barley-related aromas of light caramel, soft red apple and a gentle walnut component. The flavor is a study in drinkability, as nothing about it dominates the palate. What’s noticeable are the expected nutty flavors, complete with the tannins extracted from the grain husks, gentle toasted barley and just enough hop spice to balance the light sweetness. Nut Brown finishes a bit dry, very clean, and shows only a restrained aftertaste of walnut and toast. There is a minor off-putting flavor found late in the aftertaste that is acrid in character. The body is thin and carbonation high, making this beer very approachable.


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