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Cold Smoke Scotch Ale



This clear, amber beer drenches the glass with lovely ruby highlights and a thin, tan head. Simple and organized, the bouquet sings with expressive Munich malt sweetness, a touch of smoke, and a nice alcohol wallop. Contrarily, on the tongue, this full-bodied brew wows with complexity: First, deep toffee sweetness with some earthy grains and a saturating sugariness sink into the tongue. Then, hops jump in, unorthodoxly elevated, with both floral notes and moderate bitterness. As it warms, the beer’s floral elements become more pronounced and round out in smudges of smoke. This is a cool-weather beer, muscular, flavorful, and meaty in its maltiness, enjoyable all the way through its toffee and peppery hop-flavored finish.



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