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This brew begins benign enough, pouring hazy straw-yellow with a brilliantly white, frothy head, much like a hefeweizen. An intoxicating bouquet fills the nose, bursting with juicy strawberry, raspberry, and lemon notions alongside gentle wafts of soft, perfumy hops. The swallow is so incredibly complex and well-blended and yet so quaffable, it’s easy to sink glass after glass and not heed the 9% ABV. A tart wheat base swirls over the tongue with licks of lemon, orange, and maraschino cherry, all balanced by fringe hop bitterness and a dash of alcohol warmth. Briskly effervescent, Don de Dieu dances through the mouth, then disappears on a clean, dry (and very high) note, leaving just touches of oak and vanilla to sink into the chest. Delicate and drinkable but highly alcoholic, this extraordinary brew is dangerously delicious.



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