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De Ranke Bitter XX


De Ranke is but one example of the unrecognized (thus far) Belgian IPA style. The hazy, gold liquid wears a big, creamy off-white head that emits a compelling aroma of grass and floral notes sprinkled with coriander and sage. A very thin malt foundation, slightly grainy with a touch of caramel, paves the way for the brew’s explosive hop display. Intense floral and grassy notes wash through the mouth, while bitterness digs into the tongue. As the beer warms, the hop flavors further intensify, while a spicy orange peel flavor emerges. IPA lovers will surely identify this brew’s hop focus, but the spicy yeast doesn’t let the palate forget its Belgian roots, and neither does the wonderfully crisp finish with its amenable citrus aftertaste.


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