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Raisins, sweet caramel, and alcohol waft to the nose from this brew’s frothy, cream-color head. It’s an intimidating tripel from the pour, darker than the typical brew with its deep tangerine hue. This brew leans on the tongue more heavily than what is customary for the style. Its overtly sweet caramel malt coats the front of the swallow while raisin fruitiness emerges thickly in the middle. It’s not quite as spicy as other examples, with only some mild peppery brushes, and there’s an earthy depth that gives the brew more bass than usual. The flavor dries out nicely, and alcohol is fairly apparent throughout, radiating in the chest in the finish. The brew defies some of the subtleties of the style, but for those looking for an amped-up version of a tripel, this is a tasty selection.


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