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Hop Karma Brown IPA


Rising from the off-white head of this murky brown beer, an enticing blend of chocolate and caramel aromas smells like Rolo candy. Breathe in again for secondary prune and earthy, spicy hop notes. Throughout the swallow, this beer excels at balancing its commanding flavors. Strong malts arrive on the tongue first; a familiar duet of chocolate and caramel sink in as the beer washes back. Underneath the sweetness, a tight toasty character provides base, then spreads out across the tongue mid-sip. As it spreads, it’s matched by a citrusy hop character that flexes its muscle on the sides of the tongue and cheeks. While the second half of the swallow’s driven by hop and malt bitterness, it doesn’t overrun the palate: A semi-dry finish brings the sweet malts to submission, and entices a second sip.


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