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Boathouse Brown Ale registers on the darker end of the spectrum, but hold it up to the light and you’ll notice a very clear body with brilliant golden highlights. Permeating the thick, resilient head, a load of caramel sweetness reaches the nose, along with raisin touches and a coy earthy hop character. All the flavors are here to make a brilliant brown ale, but none seem to have the legs to make it happen -- except for the bitterness. Boathouse Brown’s smooth mouthfeel carries subtle caramel and toasted malts, but due to a lack of strength, they quickly acquiesce to malt-hop bitterness before sinking into the tongue. As the flavors are snuffed, bitterness grips the back of the throat. Despite that, there’s a pleasant spicy hop, lingering toast flavor in the aftertaste. While this beer has potential, it cold benefit from stronger, sweeter malt flavors to tame the sharpness.


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