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Wipeout I.P.A.


Pouring very hazy with a huge, big-bubbled white head, Wipeout’s not only an aromatic example of an American IPA, but a classic California version; aggressively bright, grassy hops drenched in citrus fill the nose. Breathe in again to detect a malt presence and you’ll come up with more hops, this time with piney and resinous secondary scents. Very light bready malts start the sip, laying down track for the bitter hop train. As the hop sharpness moves back and eventually latches onto the throat, orange and pine fill the mouth. While some lingering resinous pine flavors survive the hop onslaught, this brew completely dries out the mouth as bitterness builds with each sip. Fun, aggressive, and tasty, this is an in-your-face drink.


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