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Your Daily Pint for Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013, is: SEATTLE CIDER DRY

What it is: A 6.5%-ABV dry cider.

What it tastes like: There are two components to cider: The swallow—in this case, green-apple-driven, super-dry (but still full and quenching), and just a hint tart—and the breath, that inhale after you swallow with a profile all its own. Breathe in after sipping Dry, and your tongue swims in sweet, juicy, floral apple; a wetter counterpoint to the arid drink.

Brew buddies: Seattle Cider is Two Beers’ cider division; pick up a couple classics like SoDo Brown and Heart of Darkness CDA to taste the company’s range.

Now trending: Cider’s been on the upswing for a little more than a year now; there are even bars dedicated to the drink. Not sure what ciders you like? Pick one that matches beers (or other libations) you already love.



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