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Send a message in a bottle

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Email? That’s a pain. Phone? Too time consuming. Text? Too impersonal. Skywriting? This isn’t the ’90s. So how does one send a heartfelt, personal message into the world? Write a note, put it in a bottle, boat out to the western coast of Ireland, and drop it in the water—this isn’t rocket science.

German-based Message From a Bottle is actually banking on the idea that people have a message to send out into the world, but no real care with regards to who reads it. The company, which launched this month, is offering a Message From a Bottle service (based on the classic Kevin Costner vehicle “Message in a Bottle,” naturally), giving customers a chance to purchase a bottle-encased note, and track the progress of the vessel via GPS after it’s tossed into the Atlantic near Ireland (where the currents are strong).

According to the website, the lucky soul who discovers the bottle during a classifieds-ad-worthy stroll along a beach is tasked with contacting the site and recycling the bottle. Each bottle is tracked for up to a year, so a customer can diligently watch as it, say, circles around the Azores for three weeks before journeying toward a crabber in New Brunswick. It’s kind of a romantic notion.

If this is your kind of thing, prices start at $39, and go up to $59 depending on the package.


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