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Sixer: Late-Summer Saisons

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We’re lasered in on the three-day weekend and all the sunshine, BBQ and brew we’ll devour; it’s probably best not to think about who’s lurking around the corner: Old Man Winter. These late-summer saisons keep us in warm-weather spirits, though we know that barleywines soon beckon.

Ommegang Hennepin: From its picturesque spot in bucolic Cooperstown, Ommegang makes a saison that’s a cushion between summer and fall, with a round, soft, mouthfeel that carries tart and sweet lemon, tangerine and quiet spice across the tongue.

Foolproof La Ferme Urbaine: The sunniest saison of the bunch, this peppy brew is as fun as frolicking in the ocean: It comes alive with peppery spice and sweet, sugary lemon on happy, bubbly carbonation.

Sanitas Saison Ale: A big, frothy head exudes fresh wet leaves and pretty tangerine aromas; on the tongue this saison showcases rusticity with soft hay-like malts. A full citrusy mix of orange and tangerine linger on the tongue like an Indian summer.

Martin House River House: This Texas saison has all the refreshing power needed for a hot day in the South. Smooth lemon and juicy pear swim over the tongue, but a bitter bite on the finish leads to an easy, dry finish.

Smartmouth Alter Ego Saison: Fine bubbles carry just a spritz of lemony tartness in this Virginia sipper; the sharp pepper spice and brisk bitter finish are like a cool breeze on a warm day.

Milwaukee Brewing Booyah: A deeper cut of saison (and perfect for impending fall), Booyah’s nutty malt flavors set the stage for juicy apricot. A firm earthy hop flavor heralds a soft, long-lasting finish.



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