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Sixer: Wine-minded beer

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Sixer: Wine-minded beer

Fancy stemmed glassware, barrels laced with California varietals, hops that taste more grape than grapefruit—it appears that beer’s having a not-so-secret love affair with wine. Gift these six vinous bottles to the one you adore.

Epic Brainless on Cherries: This Belgian golden ale napped in Cabernet and Syrah barrels with cherry purée: Oaky tannins steady a big, tart cherry sip, while dried hay and black pepper accent with rustic bite.

Napa Smith Crush: Dosed with a bundle of fresh-picked Napa Valley grapes, this toasty, bready Märzen adopts a slight grapey tartness and subtle musty fruitiness for a graceful spin on the classic German style.

4 Hands Cuvee Diable: On paper, a Brett-spiked farmhouse ale aged in red wine barrels with tart cherries reads intense, but in the glass it’s pure elegance: A rosélike wash sweeps berries, cherries and floral oak notes across the tongue, while faint barnyard underscores the sip.

Elevation Fanboy: This oak-aged double IPA brilliantly marries the barrel’s vanilla, oak and buttery chardonnaylike flavors with the hop’s peach, tangerine and subtle hints of dewy
ponderosa pine.

Moa Imperial Stout Reserve: This formidable imperial stout engulfs the tongue with deep milk chocolate, espresso and roasted malt, but an underlying, faint vinous fruitiness hints at its time spent in French pinot noir casks.

Russian River Consecration: Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus are the scourge of the wine world: In this American Wild Ale spiked with  black currants and aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels, they bring funky tartness to sweet dark fruits and peppery spice. (Also try: Cuvee Ange, a wild ale aged with berries inside cab, merlot and grenache barrels.)



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