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Southern Prohibition Mississippi Fire Ant

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Your Daily Pint for Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 is: SOUTHERN PROHIBITION MISSISSIPPI FIRE ANT

What it is: an 8%-ABV, 80 IBU imperial red ale.

What it tastes like: Mississippi Fire Ant (awesome name, by the way) hits the nose with a sharp aroma of cherry, orange and peppery spice. Ultra-creamy upfront, this beer splashes down with rich toasted malts and caramel; orange and tangerine hops color the wash. Mid-sip, big, prickly bitterness takes over, and combines with warming alcohol for an assertive, dry finish that leaves the tongue tingling.

Mississippi Fire Ant: According to Wikipedia, the fire ant—aka, red imported fire ant—is native to South America, but has spread throughout the world, including the southern United States. Along with fire ants, Raspberry crazy ants (aka Old World crazy ants or tawny crazy ants) have also spread out of South America, displacing fire ants, as they secrete an antidote that protects them from the fire ant’s toxic bite. Ants are weird.

Southern Prohibition art: We love the artwork on these Mississippi beers, like the giant comic ant on this particular beer. Actually, a lot of their labels remind us of comics.

Memphis drinkers take note: Southern Prohibition Brewing launches its cans your way Aug. 25.


Chris Staten is DRAFT’s beer editor. Follow him on Twitter at @DRAFTbeereditor and email him at chris.staten@draftmag.com.


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