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Your Daily Pint for Tuesday, May 6, 2014, is: SPEAKEASY METROPOLIS LAGER

What it is: A 5.3%-ABV dry-hopped lager (which isn’t technically a style, but hey, who cares?!). You could call it an IPL.

What it tastes like: Speedy and taut (as a lager should be) with dry, gritty bitterness on the bottom of the palate; ethereal tangerine notes sing at the top. Hop gurus will notice a bit of a scallion pinch. It’s a lovely lager for the IPA crowd.

Dry-hopping?: That’s when brewers add hops really late in the brewing process to extract their flavor instead of bitterness. Metropolis is dry-hopped with a blend of Mosaic and Saphir hops… two “it” varieties that exude tropical citrus notes.

While you’re out: Look for bottles and taps of Vendetta, Speakeasy’s limited-run American hop-bomb IPA.



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