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Starbucks’ new beer coffee

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 Sean Wandzilak / Shutterstock.com

Sean Wandzilak / Shutterstock.com

The next time you swing by a Starbucks for a venti cup of morning energy, your order might taste a little bit like beer—more so than the typical roast and chocolate notes found in both coffee and stouts. That’s because the coffee chain’s test-marketing a new product with actual beer flavoring added to the brew. Dubbed the Dark Barrel Latte, the drink is “topped with whipped cream and dark caramel drizzle and incorporates a chocolaty stout flavored sauce,” a Starbucks spokesperson confirmed yesterday.

For now, Dark Barrel Latte’s only available throughout a handful of locations in Ohio and Florida. The company’s currently in the early stages of market research, and there’s no information about the future availability of drink (note to all of you in those markets: go buy a cup so the rest of us have a shot at trying the brew).

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