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Summer sangria


Don’t settle for a cheap sangria imposter: Your pitcher should look like a fruit stand, and a little labor in the serving process (a splash of ginger beer and a splash of seltzer) will make this sangria your summer drink.

1 1½-liter jug of red wine
1 ½ cups sugar
1 grapefruit, quartered
2 oranges, quartered
1 lemon, quartered
2 limes, halved
1 cup strawberries, halved
½ cup berry medley (raspberries, blue berries, blackberries, and more!)
½ cup brandy
1 bottle seltzer
1 bottle Left Hand Ginger Juju

  • Pour the red wine into a large pitcher.
  • Squeeze the juice from the grapefruit, oranges, lemon and lime into the pitcher before dropping in them in whole. Add the berries, sugar, and brandy. Stir. Store in the fridge for four hours.
  • To serve: Pour over ice, then add a splash of ginger beer and a splash of seltzer.
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