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Swamp Head Smoke Signal

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SwampHead_SmokeSignal_SiloYour Daily Pint for Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014: SWAMP HEAD SMOKE SIGNAL

What it is: The 2014 World Beer Cup gold medalist; a robust smoked porter from Florida

What it tastes like: This beer’s nose is subtly wonderful; it’s a rich blend of malted milk balls and campfire smoke. On the tongue, silky chocolate meets that same sweet smoke in delicious, s’mores-like harmony’ smoke overtakes the swallow for a long, smoldering finish. Overall, it’s seamless and delectable, a perfect example of the style.

The perfect pair: This beer is smoked with Alderwood, which is also used to smoke salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Try them together: You won’t be sorry.



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