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“The problem is that the BA continues to refuse to let the consumer make up their own mind and tries to make it up for them.”

An insider’s perspective on the good, the bad, and what the rest of the industry gets wrong about working for an AB InBev-owned brewery.

The lauded brewery known for its wild and blended beers is the latest to join A-B’s High End division.

Breweries owned by Anheuser Busch-InBev are brewing each others’ beers at facilities hundreds of miles from one another. And you’d never know the difference.

The five-year-old brewery joins Devils Backbone, Breckenridge, Goose Island and others as part of AB InBev’s “High End” portfolio.

The GABF gold-medal-winning brewery is the latest to join The High End portfolio.

Colorado-based brewing company is the fourth American craft purchase by the beer giant this year.

The $107 billion dollar deal will create a company that produces one in every three beers consumed globally.

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